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Setzer Family Session at Pony Pasture in Richmond, VA

Pony Pasture is a popular recreational spot on the James River in Richmond, Virginia.

The Setz Family chose Pony Pasture as the location for their session because they spend a lot of time there as a family.

In fact, I think Naomi is claiming Pony Pasture as Setzer land in this next image. ;)

Mason's a funny guy with a lot to say and not a drop of shyness. He's telling me all about his day in this next picture.

Ha! Caught him in between words. (#winning)

Fairly certain Karen is tickling Drew to get these grins. Whatever works!

Same goes for the kiddos. I think this is around the time I offered jelly beans as bribery. ;)

I call this Naomi's "Mermaid On A Rock" pose and I can't take any credit for it. She's a natural mermaid.

Thunderstorms hit shortly after this session, so it was intensely humid. Mason's sweaty face says it all.

Families that rock hop together, stay together!

This shot in black and white is really my very favorite of the lot. It was taken at the end of the session when the kiddos were completely done in. I love it.

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