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Who is this Caroline?

A camera happy, enthusiastic, sunshine seeker. A go with the flow, down to earth, find-the-fun-in-your-everyday human.

A roamer of forests, sniffer of flowers, adorer of mountains. A builder of igloos, gingerbread castles, and blanket forts. 

A passionate reader of books. (Particularly aloud in every voice she is capable of producing. Her two young offspring probably appreciate this. Probably.)

A drinker of tea from giant mugs, preferably during animated, laughter-filled, meaningful conversations with dear friends.

A sister-daughter-mother-wife with a love for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and pizza. A woman who is thankful for her family and her life.

Yes, yes, but what about photography?


     My love for photography originally grew out of my desire to better capture the sweet and precious everyday moments at home with my young children. Nine years ago, I plopped my infant son in a wicker basket filled with blankets, set the basket in front of a row of red tulips, and made my first attempt as a photographer. It was something of a disaster. My poor baby. Those images simultaneously make me laugh and cringe, but we all have to start somewhere, amiright?

    Since then, I have grown so much in my love for photography. The process of learning how to use my camera (sometimes referred to as my 3rd child) has altered how I view the world. Everything in our beautiful world is affected so much by light. I adore hunting for those perfect warm rays of sunshine in the golden hours in order to capture that nimbus of light on the curls of a child. I love how a cloudy day brings forth the most beautiful skin tones and I appreciate the challenges of rain. I like to embrace natural window light, to play with shadows, and to see how a well angled flash can illuminate and freeze the energy of a dance floor. Light is everything.

Caroline the Photographer - It's about people.


     For myself, photography is all about people. When I pause to think about why I enjoy it, it always comes down to the genuine interactions I get to have with people and witness through my lens. I have yet to make it through a single wedding without shedding a tear (or 5). One of my favorite things about people is their story. I love stories, so when I set out to shoot a wedding, I try to approach the day comprehensively in order to capture all the little details that make up the whole.

     As your photographer, my goal is to capture you. I want to see your amused smile and hear your happy laughter. I want your happiness to shine through in your images. And, believe you me, I have no qualms making a complete fool of myself to get a real grin. Can I just save time and apologize for the dancing and terrible singing now?

     I want to help you feel comfortable in front of my lens, not only by creating enough fun to take your mind off of the camera, but also by coaching you on how to settle into relaxed postures that will subtly alter your body language in the most flattering of ways. Through this process, I want to capture the shared love and obvious bonds that exists between bride and groom, husband and wife, parent and child, siblings, and friends.

     Confession Time: I am also the woman who's willing to go the extra (possibly nutty) mile to get the perfect angle. In fact, I am somewhat notorious for this. I don't care if the ground is wet. I don't care if I need to climb a tree. I don't care if I have to contort myself into a pretzel. I care that the finished product is something special that you can treasure through your life.


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