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Sally + Chris - Intimate Meems Bottom Covered Bridge Wedding, Mt. Jackson, VA

Sally contacted me at the end of January because she and her fiance Chris wanted to get married while on vacation at Bryce Resort. This past Friday, they scouted the local area to choose the perfect location.

I was thrilled when Sally emailed me on Friday night to tell me that they were going to have their simple and intimate wedding on Meems Bottom Covered Bridge the following day. Spanning the North Fork Shenandoah River, the 200-foot long single span bridge has always been a favorite local photography and picnic spot of mine.

A police officer helped to direct traffic while Chris stood at the end of the bridge to await the beautiful bride. Sally's father escorted her up the aisle, or rather, up Wissler Road towards the old bridge. He brought brass knuckles, you know, just in case Chris wasn't suitably impressed. Not a problem...

A family friend officiated the wedding as their nearest and dearest looked on.

Amidst the laughter and tears, Sally and Chris exchanged vows and rings...

And one heck of a kiss!

Officially pronounced "Husband & Wife", these two couldn't have been happier.

(Can we all pause for a moment and admire Sally's shoes?? Seriously. LOVE THEM.)

Despite the blustery day and temps in the mid-thirties, the newly married couple were completely game to traipse around the covered bridge with me for portraits. Brave souls!

Late afternoon winter sun is always so pretty. I adore it in all of it's soft glowing perfection. I have to say that it suited them!

We explored along the banks of the river. Yes, in those heels. Sally is amazing. So is Chris. He definitely carried her down the hill to the river. Kicking off his marriage the right way!

Does anyone else get "Oh Shenandoah" stuck in their head when they visit the Shenandoah River? I do. Frequently.

In this case, it seemed apt:

"Shenandoah, I love your daughter Look away, you rollin' river It was for her I'd cross the water Look away, we're bound away Across the wide Missouri.

For seven years I courted Sally Look away, you rollin' river Seven more years I longed to have her Look away, we're bound away Across the wide Missouri."

Sally and Chris, it was such a pleasure to meet you, to watch as you began your married life together.

I wish you all of the best as you grow in your love for each other.

Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs. at the old covered bridge!

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