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Showalter's 1st Annual Spring Basket Planting Party

If you want to learn how to plant gorgeous hanging baskets in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, then the Showalter's Annual Spring Basket Planting Party is the perfect choice for you. Seriously! I'm personally contemplating dragging all of my girlfriends to this shindig next year because it was heavenly. What could be better on a wintry March morning than balmy temperatures, all the vitamin D, and plants?!

The party starts with a container planting lesson from none other than greenhouse owner Sarah Showalter.

Fully armed with "thriller, spiller, filler!" container planting knowledge, guests are invited to grab some handy Proven Winners visual aids and start exploring the luscious greenhouse.

However, what makes this thoroughly awesome is that you get to explore the greenhouse with a glass of Old Hill Hard Cider, delicious snacks, canine friendlies, and sweet music.

As if that weren't enough to entice you to pick out pretty plants in a sunny greenhouse, massages were also available. Are you starting to see why I want to drag my girls here next year?

Personally, I think it's a great way to spend a morning with someone dear to you while looking forward to spring. The sweetest part for me was watching a mother and young daughter get excited about selecting their plants together.

Selections made, you get to plant your basket and leave it to be cared for in the greenhouse until spring officially arrives. Then you get to take your basket home and enjoy it. Pretty fabulous, if you ask me!

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