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Oh, Cello! Musician Portraits at Astronomy Hill, EMU, Harrisonburg

Following this session, I concluded that I clearly need someone to play the cello for me at every session. You know. Because: REASONS.

All joking aside, it's such a beautiful instrument and I really enjoyed spending a sunny evening with this lovely lady and her cello.

Despite the wind, Erin was a complete trooper and put up with me saying nonsensical things such as: "HUG your cello!"

What's completely awesome is that Erin is starting her own business as a community cello teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And since she has the patience to put up with a photographer who insists on climbing and hanging out of trees in pursuit of the right camera angle, I think she'll go far in the pursuit of her dreams. Thank you, again, Erin! It was a joy.

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