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Marcus + Roiya: Afghan Marriage Ceremony

On April 22nd, Marcus and Roiya honored Roiya's Afghan heritage by having a Nikah, or Afghan marriage ceremony.

The ceremony and celebration took place at the lovely Bristow Manor House in Bristow, VA.

Chocolates and candied nuts were prevalent throughout the entire evening.

In the Afghan tradition, the bride starts the ceremony in green wedding clothes and then changes after the Nikah is celebrated by the Mullah.

Likewise, the groom starts the ceremony in traditional pants, shirt, and headwear and later changes into a suit.

Roiya was absolutely stunning in her green dress and jewelry!

Roiya processed in on her mother's arm behind a gorgeous tray of candies and treats while her brother Temor held the Qur'an above her and her cousins followed behind.

Marcus then placed the engagement ring on Roiya's finger.

Once seated, Roiya and Marcus' families presented Roiya with jewelry as the guests danced the Attan.

The Nikah ceremony, conducted by the Mullah, took place with the family's elders sitting in a circle around the bride and groom.

After completing the Nikah, Marcus and Roiya went to change clothes and then processed back in with the Qur'an.

Then Marcus and Roiya were covered with a shawl under which they each kissed the Qur'an and then looked into a mirror to view themselves for the first time as a married couple.

They exchanged juice and molida. Then their family members placed henna on Roiya's palm and on Marcus' pinkie.

Candied almonds were dropped on Roiya and Marcus' heads and, as you can see, they were both so very happy!

Following these joyous traditions, everyone (including yours truly) had the pleasure of partaking in flavorfully delicious traditional Afghan cuisine.

And then the partying began! The gorgeous tray of candy was hoisted into the air and passed around from dancing guest to dancing guest. Look at those smiles!

The henna tray was carried around the room and offered to all the guests.

Definitely a night to remember!

Marcus and Roiya like to joke that they are currently half-married as they are going to have a civil ceremony in December. I can't wait to tag along and capture their second wedding day!! Congratulations on being half-married, you two!!

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