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"Reading with the Rebels" in New Market, VA

Every summer, the New Market Rebels, part of the Valley Baseball League, participate in the New Market Area Library's program called, "Reading with the Rebels". As part of the program, the young men who make up the Rebels baseball team spend a morning reading to and playing with local children.

Prior to the program, the library puts together a selection of children's books themed around baseball. Additionally, each of the players selects and labels their own favorite childhood book to be displayed for the children to choose from. Really, it doesn't get much sweeter than this:

After the players read the children, they then break apart into groups to help with a variety of children's activities such as face painting,

bubble blowing,

and various arts and crafts.

They also pick up a game of wiffle ball with the kids.

The players coach the kids and goof around with them.

The kids have a blast and even request autographs throughout the program.

"Reading with the Rebels" is a heart-warming community event that perfectly blends a love for sports with a love for reading and it was a pleasure to photograph.

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