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Catie & Daniel's Engagement Session in Harrisonburg, VA

Catie and Daniel are getting married in Maryland in December and I couldn't be more excited to capture these two on their wedding day.

They make each other laugh so easily that it was such a joy just to stand back and watch them through the lens.

We started our Harrisonburg session at the JMU Arboretum where they went on their first date together.

The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum at James Madison University is such a beautiful location to shoot.

Lots of trails, bridges, ponds, and botanical gardens.

Daniel is an actor in stage plays during his after work hours and it definitely shows. He's a ham. I love the picture of Catie "dragging" him along behind her.

Sidenote: Love Catie's shoes!

Daniel and Catie said they wanted some images of them reading together, but that they also wanted to keep it real and brought along Catie's favorite: "Dilbert".

You can't have an Arboretum shoot without a few ducks joining in.


Daniel and Catie met while she was attending James Madison University. As a JMU alumna, I know that no JMU engagement is complete without some time spent on the quad's famous "Kissing Rock".

After walking around campus, we made our way to Downtown Harrisonburg where Daniel and Catie have spent a lot of quality time together.

We took photos in front of the beautiful red doors of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church where Catie and Daniel attend services and are a part of the Young Adult Ministry group.

Then we strolled over to Daniel's work office to get some shots with Harrisonburg's Court Square...

...from a rooftop.

As a lover of Mary Poppins, I'm unable to stand on a rooftop and not suggest dancing. "...Step in time!"

A little thunderstorm cell was going by just to the north, so it was sprinkling a tiny bit here and quite windy, but sometimes...

...sometimes windy just works!!

After our rooftop adventures, we walked down to the Court Square Springhouse

And that's when mother nature saw fit to gift us with the perfect rainbow!! I think I started jumping around excitedly when it appeared. Rainbows during engagement sessions and on wedding days are always magical.

This mural is on the side of the Artful Dodger, a well known dancing and coffee place on Court Square.

For our final stop of the evening, we went to Daniel and Catie's very favorite food truck where they have spent many a date scarfing down burritos together like champs.

They were so sweet, they bought me a burrito as well and we finished off a fantastic engagement session eating dinner together. Daniel and Catie, it was so great to spend time with you and get to know you:

Catie and Daniel are moving to Iowa where Catie will be finishing her higher education degree, but they'll be back for their wedding and I can't wait! I have a feeling it will be epic. Best of luck with the move, guys!

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