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Logan Family Session at Belle Grove Plantation, Middletown, Virginia

I met up with the Logan family on a bright, sunshiny morning at Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, VA.

Miss Rosalie wasn't convinced of my trustworthiness, but Miss Josephine didn't have any doubts.

Daddy's legs always make for the best tunnels.

And back to "stranger danger" looks from Rosalie.

Not to worry, though, she eventually warmed up to me!

Switching from goofy grins to sad faces here for a minute.

And maybe it makes me a bad person, but I LOVE THESE SHOTS.

Ken to the rescue! Daddy knows just how to turn that frown upside down.

Rosalie was holding onto Ken's hair for dear life as he tipped her from side to side. It was both adorable and (I suspect) slightly painful.

We took a water break and a timeout to play in the grass for a bit. It was perfect. Capturing the genuine joy that comes from play is my favorite pastime.

I convinced Rosalie that more than anything else in life, I needed her to bring me grass and throw it at me.

At which point she decided I couldn't be all bad. Little victories!

I adore these shots of Carrie with Rosalie. So much sweetness!

Rosalie was about ready for a nap about this time. It's hard work to be a toddler!

Smiles! Victory is mine!

And that's a wrap. I hope I get the chance to explore more of the Belle Grove property in the future. It's so very, very beautiful!

Thanks for a great time, Logan Family!

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